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American Political Science Association (APSA)

Free PDF from APSA website (Revised 2018 Edition)

  • The entire APSA style manual is also available for free online from the APSA website. Click on the link above to view the PDF.

APSA stands for the American Political Science Association. It is the citation style used by many political science scholars and is primarily based on Chicago Style (seventeenth edition) but gives special attention to documents produced within the United States government. It is the style used in all APSA journals. 

There is a specific formatting style required by APSA, as well as two parts to how you must cite sources, which are:

  • Parenthetical in-text author-date system directing readers to the reference list. 
  • A reference list which appears at the end of the text.

Helpful Online Guides

APSA Style Manual: Parenthetical Citations

  • See APSA's website for examples on how to to do parenthetical citations for most commonly used materials in political science papers.

APSA Style Manual: References

  • See APSA's website for examples on how to to do the references for most commonly used materials in political science papers.

CiteSource APSA (Trinity College)

  • Examples accompanied by helpful screenshots and pictures showing you how to locate the information you need to include in your citation.