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BUS 302 Course Guide (McDonald)

Course Guide for BUS 302

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Pixabay image of papers on a desk. Used under (CC0); image resized from original.

Use this guide to help you locate reports, articles, data, etc. to help you complete an in-depth research and analysis of the business environment for a US based company. Further, this guide provides spaces to explore locations outside the US for expansion (see the Country Tab).


image of computer with bus 302 course guide Video introduction to this library course guide 

Library Workshop


  1. Download this worksheet -- DOWNLOAD THIS WORKSHEET
    • Use this during instruction and after class!
  2. Mentimeter active learning  -   Go to and use the code 2118 4792 
    • As asked enter your responses into the interactive presentation
  3. At the end of the instruction, we will have you enter your attendance
  4. Please complete the survey on librarian instruction



Link to Survey of Librarian instruction AFTER session - Survey of Instruction - Qualtrics Survey (3 questions)

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