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Business - Industry Research

A guide for use by researchers looking to learn more about an Industry.

Locating industry organizations and associations

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Locating an industry or association website can be very informative. Once you complete your search and identify a relevant website of interest it is recommended that you do the following:

  • Read the About Us: What is the mission, purpose, or vision of the organization. 

Locating Organizations or Associations using Google

Example of a search strategy using Google

Google search strategy for an association or organization

Example of a search strategy using Google but employing a domain limiter using .org

Image of Google search using a domain limiter for .org

Example of an Advanced Google Search using Google's advanced search feature.
image of an advanced search strategy

FirstResearch by Mergent

You can use the additional resources section of First Research Industry reports too. This source provides potential industry associations and organizations as well as links out to other sources such as Trade Journals, Regulators, and more. 

Industry report in FirstResearch using the websites and acronyms page

Additional Resources from an Industry Report

From an IBISWorld Industry Report locate the additional resources section

Locate an industry report then visit the "ABOUT" section and scroll down to "Additional Resources"


Industry report highlighting the about section scrolling down to additional resources