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FYBLC GEL 101 Library Module

GEL 101 Guide for students enrolled in the First Year Business Learning Cohort (FYBLC)

Why seek out an organization or association?

Associations & Organizations

Why seek out an association or organization?

  • To learn what is going on in a specific industry or profession! Tips for reviewing association or organization websites:
    1. Read the "about us" to learn the mission, purpose, and vision of the association or organization.
    2. Look for events, conferences, trade shows, or training that you (as a future professional) may want to participate in?
    3. Are there additional "resources" or "data/statistics" link on the site? Look for newsletters, publications, data, and trade journals of interest. Read these items to understand the goings-on of an industry/profession. *Note don't pay for access to materials listed here, ask your librarian for access to any trade journals that may be behind a "pay wall."

Locate an Association or an Organization

Try a Library database (sign in to use)

  1. First Research (Note: you will need to hit the following buttons:
    continue, continue, submit to reach the search page).

Image of the left hand navigation of an industry search, highlighted call prep questions, websites, executive Search for an industry that you are interested in working, not a job title! 

Example: ​​Want to work in fitness? Search fitness as a keyword

  • Multiple results will be displayed
  • Select the "most relevant" industry. You may need to read more that one industry profile.
  • Open an industry report and then, use the left-hand navigation (image shown right)
    • Websites & Acronyms
      • Often lists Associations/Organizations
    • Read the call prep questions
    • Executive insights
    • Visit other sections as needed.



Use Google and craft a search.  Search strategies example are shown below.

Search for either an association or an organization

Simple searching using OR to locate either an association OR an organization related to Real Estate


Search strategy using a domain limiter

Google search strategy using to limit to a specific domain