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FYBLC GEL 101 Library Module

GEL 101 Guide for students enrolled in the First Year Business Learning Cohort (FYBLC)


Evaluating Information is a critical skill that you will apply again and again during your academic pursuits. 

Learning how to apply S.I.F.T. will allow you to select sources that are of the quality needed for college-level research and analysis. 

Today's scenario was created for pre-business students. You will be evaluating information located on the web for a paper on a new business venture. This is similar to assignments you will have to complete for your instructor. 


You are starting to research for a paper on the topic of cafes, and you are in the process of learning about coffee and teas as products that you may want to serve in your store. To start your research you go to the web and conduct a search and locate articles that might be useful to you in learning more about your topic (coffee and teas).

NOTE: It is often tough to know if you have located a credible (quality, authoritative, etc.) website therefore you are going to apply S.I.F.T. to each source. If a website or web source you evaluate isn't one you should use - select and evaluate another source until you find one that passes SIFT/. 


FORM #1 Use this one while watching online video content




FORM #2 Find a partner (form groups of 2-3)