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FYBLC GEL 101 Library Module

GEL 101 Guide for students enrolled in the First Year Business Learning Cohort (FYBLC)

Welcome to the GEL 101 Library Module!

Road sign that says "Research"

Research by Nick Youngson (CC BY-SA 3.0); image resized from original.


Welcome to the GEL Library Module! On this guide, you will work through a few readings and activities that will teach you to evaluate information with a more critical eye. After completing the activities on this guide, you will:

  • know how to evaluate any information you find using the Visual-Quality-Ethos method;
  • have a better understanding of how to decide whether or not information you find online is "good enough" for your background research;
  • know more about the "hidden rules" in a university setting; 
  • be introduced to scholarly (aka peer-reviewed) journal articles. 

How to use this guide

  1. Complete the activities in the "Library Session Pre-Work" tab. These include a mix of videos, readings, and activities you should complete on your own before your class' zoom session with the librarian. Use the tabs on the left-hand size of this guide to find all of the activities you need.
  2. Learn more about the University Library. The CSUSM University Library is here for you! We have created a few videos (see the "General Library Videos" tab) to introduce you to the library and your librarians. There may be some things you're familiar with that are similar to your public or high school library, and some things that will be new. 
  3. Get help from a librarian. Are you stuck? Need some help? The librarians are here to help you! Use the chat box in this guide to get in touch with us. We love hearing from our students!