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FYBLC GEL 101 Library Module

GEL 101 Guide for students enrolled in the First Year Business Learning Cohort (FYBLC)

Welcome Video (Instructor will play for class)

For instructor use 

Librarian Welcome (Video #1)

Activity #1 Evaluate website w/ librarian (Video #2)

Activity #2 

Students to sit in groups of 2 or 3.

Students will use form #2 (in the in-class article section of this guide) to record answers as they practice applying SIFT to a different website.

Debrief activity using the answer key (emailed to you).

Homework - Direct students to Day 1 Homework (left) to Tutorial - Introduction to Library Business Databases and answer knowledge check questions, before day 2 of GEL 


Directions to Students

Use your laptop to navigate to the "In-class articles tab" (see left)

Follow the directions on the video as each student evaluates a web article

Form #1 will be used to record answers.

Activity #2 - sit in pairs or groups of 2-3

Use form #2 - to record answers as your team evaluates the article with SIFT

Listen as your Instructor Debriefs the activity

On the Homework tab (left) view video and answer related questions. Complete before day #2 FYBLC which will be in the library with the librarian.