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FYBLC GEL 101 Library Module

GEL 101 Guide for students enrolled in the First Year Business Learning Cohort (FYBLC)



You have completed your background research and are now ready to move on to find sources to support your draft thesis. You are required to find 1 - 2 scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles to include in your paper. 

The journal articles below are representative of articles that are found in library databases. The articles were located as they are on the topics of an entrepreneurial mindset.

Review the sources below and answer the questions on the worksheet

Bublitz, M. G., Chaplin, L. N., Peracchio, L. A., Cermin, A. D., Dida, M., Escalas, J. E., ... & Miller, E. G. (2021). Rise up: Understanding youth social entrepreneurs and their ecosystems. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 40(2), 206-225.

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Radoš, G., Martinović, D., & Bajs, I. P. (2021). Social Entrepreneurial intentions and motivational drivers among business students. Ekonomski Vjesnik, 34(1), 41-56. doi:

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You are starting to research for a paper on the topic of entrepreneurship and social good. You use the web to locate articles that might be useful in helping to understand your topic.

Below are two articles that were located on the Web.

The sites below are representations of results you would find searching your favorite search engine for entrepreneurship and social good. Instructions: In groups of 2-3, review the website(s) below and answer the questions on this worksheet.