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MKTG 614 Global and Cross-Cultural Marketing

Course Guide for MKTG 614

shipping containers forming an arch

Pixabay image of shipping containers by Valdas Miskinis. Used under (CC0); image resized from original.

Use this guide to help you locate country information, Country reports, articles, data, etc. to help you make decisions on a country in which to market your product.

Library Workshop

After this research session:

Students will be able to retrieve and analyze data about the economic, political, legal, cultural, and geographic elements of countries.

Students will be able to use secondary data to identify a suitable market for your expansion from your home market.

Link to electronic handout  MKTG 614 Peren SP23.docx

Please complete this short survey after instruction

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Additional Websites suggested by Dr. Perren

Geography Quiz


Image of cell phon with geography quiz displayed

World Legal System mapped for quick view 


Guide to view a map of legal regions (by the University of South Carolina)

Image of website for UOttawa