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MKTG 614 Global and Cross-Cultural Marketing

Selected Streaming Media from CSUSM Library

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Five Dimensions of Culture in Ethiopia, South Africa, and the U.S.

"Might an African nation with a long history of apartheid and one that experienced only a brief period of colonization have different national morés? Could citizens of either type of country hold the same views as second-generation Asian-Americans? Are there beliefs about societal behavior that are common to all peoples? In this program, college students from Ethiopia, South Africa, and the U.S. discuss what Geert Hofstede called “the five dimensions of culture”—regard for individuality, gender roles, ability to tolerate social change, hierarchy, and long-term planning. As the students explain how these values are expressed in their home countries, viewers learn which attitudes are unique and which are shared by communities around the world." (Source: FOD)

Reflection on Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions and Hall's High and Low Context Cultures

Video 6, of Part 6 of Global Management is, "Reflection on Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions and Hall's High and Low Context Culture""

The entire collection contains: Holk Master-class features animated academic models and interviews with acclaimed entrepreneurs, professors and business executives. Bring your class book to life. Watch the short film episodes before class as flip-the-class-room, in class as basis for discussion, or simply as inspiration. Episodes in this section include: * Reflection on Business Development and Ansoff's Product Market Growth Matrix * Barriers to Entry * Reflection on Sustainable Competitive Advantage Strategy Tripod and PEST Analysis * Reflection on Strategic Planning and Michael Porter's Five Forces * Centralization & Decentralization * Reflection on Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions and Hall's High and Low Context Culture"

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Strategic Tools for Business (series)

How do businesses make important decisions? This series introduces four analytical tools that businesses use to evaluate factors in their environment and make strategic plans. Ideal for business students at a senior secondary level and beyond. Four videos cover the following Lewin's force field analysis, PESTLE analysis, Porter's Generic Strategies, SWOT Analysis 


Researching Global Markets: Business Without Borders

Your product is set to go worldwide, but what if it doesn’t have global appeal? Going global in business requires thorough research into demographics, culture and religion, politics, economics and law to identify viable international markets and suitable marketing strategies. In this program, experts Kathleen Griffiths (RMIT) and Simon Kanat (Ted Baker Downunder) explore key areas to consider when identifying global markets.