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MKTG 614 Global and Cross-Cultural Marketing

Country Commercial Guides from (Exporter Tools)

Country Commercial Guides - Link to tools used by exporters. 

Select from guides that provide information on business customs, regulatory issues, information that helps you make decisions about entering a market.

Example - United Arab Emirates  (UAE) Explore all the information provided such as "Doing business in," "Political & Economic Environment," "Selling US Product & Services," "Customs, regulations, & standards," "Investment Climate Statement," "Trade & Project financing," and Business Travel

Challenge Question: What are the limitations on Selling U.S. Product and Services in the UAE?

Graphical User interface for country commercial guide

Passport Euromonitor (Library Database)

Resource Covered in Library Orientation

From this resource you should be able to identify a consumer product, service, supply for export. 

Notes on use of this database: CSUSM Student USE Only. You must agree to terms and conditions before entering the database.

There are different menus, approaches to access data, analysis, and dashboards. Write down the steps to use to obtain your information!

Graphical User interface for Passport Euromonitor Database


Searching an industry?  Step #1 Click Industries, Step #2 Select a category (Health and Beauty), this open up the search to new options. Step #3 Use the explore analysis data tile with your selections.  Example to try: Beauty and Personal care, country report, skin care, and South Korea.

Graphical user interface for database Passport Euromonitor and the Explore analysis datatile

Interested in Economies?
Step #1 Click Economies, this opens the explore analysis data tile Step #2 Select a category (Business Dynamics, Economies, finance, and trade, Industrial, or sustainability). Example to try: Economies, in the explore analysis select business dynamics, country report, business dynamicsn, India and hit go.

Graphical user interface for database passport and the submenu explore analysis

Change to view the statistics behind a report 

Navigate to the "view statistics" options left of the report. 

Graphics User interface for passport and statistics view from a report generated

Interested in Consumers?
Step #1 Click Consumers, this opens the explore analysis data tile. Step #2 Select your options. You have a choice of (Households, Income and Expenditures, Lifestyles, Population) and select your analysis and country. Example to try Consumers. in the explore analysis tile select lifestyles, country report, lifestyles, country - Chile, hit go. 

Graphical user interface for database passport euromonitor with consumers selected and explore analysis menu open

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