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OverDrive is one of our databases that provides access to both fiction and non-fiction ebooks, as well as some audiobooks.  Books that you check out through OverDrive can be read online or on mobile devices through their Libby app. See below for instructions on how to access books through the Overdrive website and see the column on the left for how to download the Libby app.

                                    Screenshot of the OverDrive database

Opening OverDrive eBooks from the library catalog

When searching the library catalog for materials, you may come across something you want to borrow that has a link for "Online access may be available." Click on that.

Screenshot of a book in a catalog record with Online Access May be Available circled

You will be taken to the catalog record where you will find out which eBook database provides the book.  If you see OverDrive eBooks (CSUSM subscription) listed under Full Text Availability, click on that. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to sign in with your CSUSM username and password to access OverDrive. 

Screenshot of Full Text Availability for OverDrive eBooks

You will be taken to the OverDrive website and if the book is available you will be given an option to "Borrow" the book. Click on "Borrow."

Screenshot of an arrow pointing to Borrow in the Overdrive website.

 A pop-up window will appear that will prompt you to click "Borrow" again.

Pop-up window in OverDrive with arrow point to Borrow

You will then be given an option to "Read now in browser."  Click on that and the book will open up.  

Screenshot of OverDrive website with an arrow pointing to Read in Browser

You will have access to the book for the time period specified when you checked out the book. The book will be in "My Account" under "Loans" until the checkout period ends, at which point it will be automatically returned.  While the book is checked out to you, you can reopen it in your browser at any time.

Screenshot of OverDrive webpage with arrows pointing to Loans and Read now in Browser

Note: If the book is not currently available, instead of a "Borrow" button you will see a "Place a Hold" button. Click on "Place a Hold" and you will be notified by email when the book is available to be checked out.

Logging directly into your OverDrive Account

OverDrive can also be accessed directly at  This is helpful if you want to browse books available in OverDrive or if you want to go into your account to see and access books you've already borrowed.

Click "Sign in." 

Arrow pointing to sign in on Overdrive webpage

Click on CSUSM Login and sign in with your CSUSM User ID and Password.

Screenshot of CSUSM Login button

Browse or search the site for books.

Arrow pointing to search in Overdrive and browsing features circled

To check out an item that is "AVAILABLE" press "BORROW." If the item is not available, press "PLACE HOLD" and you will be notified by email when it is available.

Screenshot showing a book in Overdrive is available and ready to be borrowed.

View items you checked out by clicking on the bookshelf icon or "My account" and "Loans."

For more help with OverDrive, visit OverDrive Help.