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Innovation Hub Research Guide

Resource guide created by Innovation Fellow 2022 Judy Opdahl.

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Information for users

This guide was created with a focus on entrepreneurship. On this guide are a series of links and content that has been curated by an Innovation Fellow and Business and Economics Librarian at CSUSM. 

On the left-hand side are a series of pages.
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Some pages are topic-related such as Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Business Planning, etc. with each page containing links to resources from the CSUSM University Library. 

Access to electronic resources and library materials does differ based on your affiliation with CSUSM's University Library.

Below is information on library services for the following user groups (navigate to the corresponding box and read more)


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CSUSM students this guide was created with a focus on your needs as a student entrepreneur.


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  • Library Services for Community & Alumni Members
    • Note: Electronic subscription content listed on this course guide has restrictions on use by alumni and community members. 
    • Content that shows (CSUSM log-in required) is subject to the described restrictions (in the link above).