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Innovation Hub Research Guide

Resource guide created by Innovation Fellow 2022 Judy Opdahl.

Welcome Entrepreneurs and Innovators

The resources listed in this guide have been curated and selected to help those who are engaged in entrepreneurship.

  • Informing the creation of this work have been the voices of student entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship faculty, community entrepreneurs, and academic business librarian colleagues. 
  • If you are seeking assistance with research related to entrepreneurship reach out to Innovation Fellow and Business & Economics Librarian Judy Opdahl;
  • This "living" resource will continue to be shaped and changed over time. Suggestions for considered additions should be directed to the Business & Economic Librarian at the contact above. 
Five people standing next to each other. One is a student being presented with an oversized check as a prize for winning the Quick Pitch Competition in Spring 2023

Winner of the Innovation Hub's Quick Pitch Competition in Spring 2023

Three students engaging in conversations prior to the start of the quick pitch competition Spring 2023

Student entrepreneurs engaging in conversation during the networking part of the Quick Pitch event in Spring 2023

Left to right are a woman with grey hair and wine colored dress, next to her a smiling female entrepreneur wearing a white shirt and black blazer, next to her a smiling man wearing a baseball cap and striped shirt

Quick Pitch Attendees: Judy Opdahl (Business & Economics Librarian), Rachael L. (Entrepreneur), Kurling R. (Entrepreneurship Mentor)