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Innovation Hub Research Guide

Resource guide created by Innovation Fellow 2022 Judy Opdahl.

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Welcome Entrepreneurs and Innovators

The resources listed in this guide have been curated and selected to help those who are engaged in entrepreneurship.

  • Informing the creation of this work have been the voices of student entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship faculty, community entrepreneurs, and academic business librarian colleagues. 
  • If you are seeking assistance with research related to entrepreneurship reach out to Innovation Fellow and Business & Economics Librarian Judy Opdahl;
  • This "living" resource will continue to be shaped and changed over time. Suggestions for additions should be directed to the Business & Economic Librarian.

CSUSM Campus Spaces Related to Innovation and Entrepreneruship

Innovation Hub at CSUSM

Illuminated Sign with Navy Lettering on White Wall. Logo and words read Innovation Hub at CSUSM

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The Makery is a Makerspace located in the University Library.

Image of colorful Makery Sign

Click the Icon above or Visit The Makery's Site for:

Makery Hours
Equipment in The Makery
Game Room
Making an appointment with Makerspace Speciality

Selected Images from The Makery's Opening

Image of Button Maker tool   Image of Laser Cutter in The Makery   Image of 3 D printer .

. image of button making in The Makery   Image of students and staff in makerspace Image of Game Room inside of The Makery 

 Image of tools and workbench in The Makery. . Images of students and staff coloring in The MakeryImage of Makerspace area with 3D printer

Inspiration Studios (iStudios)

Logo for the iStudio

TOM (Tikkun Olam Makers)

Logo for TOM at CSUSM

CSUSM Veteran Entrepreneurship Program 

White Lettering on Blue Background reading CSUSM Veteran Entrepreneur Program


Entrepreneurship Society (CoBA Student Organization)
Logo for Entrepreneurship Society

Innovation at CSUSM

CSUSM's Strategic Plan values innovation!

"The process of finding and implementing novel solutions that address societal needs. Innovation at CSUSM is collaborative and takes place in partnership with students, faculty, and community members. It is situated at the intersection of diversity, inclusion, technology and student success, with a focus on enriching the intellectual, civic, economic, and cultural life of our region." (Source: CSUSM Strategic Plan).