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Managing your Library Reserves

Student usage and engagement

Library Reserves Lists track student usage when a list is accessed, including:

  • Active students: The number of unique students who engaged with an item in any way.
  • Students who viewed full text: The number of unique students who viewed the full text or downloaded a file for an item.
  • Students who marked as done: The number of unique students who marked an item as done.
  • Number of loans: The number of times an item was loaned during the subject dates.

To check the analytics for a list:

  1. Starting from your course in Canvas, open the Course navigation menu and select Library Reserves.
  2. Once your list loads, Click on the analytics icon in the bar on the ride side of the window:
  3. Within the analytics pane you can see the student activity, including:
    1. View the overall list usage.
    2. View individual item usage.
    3. Filter to a specific section.
    4. Filter to a specific item.
    5. Export the item usage analytics to Excel.