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Managing your Library Reserves

Adding tags

Labeled items convey essential details about materials to both students and the library.

These labels, visible to students, indicate the duration of physical item loans. The tags include options such as 2 hours, 3 hours, 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, and 3 weeks. They serve as a communication tool, informing students and library staff about the desired loan periods specified by faculty. Additionally, if there are items not currently available in the library’s catalog that you wish to suggest for purchase, you can use the Purchase Request tag.


  1. Click on an item in your list.
  2. Click Add tags and select the tags you wish to add to the item.
  3. The tags will be visible to students and the library immediately:

Adding notes and descriptions



  1. Click on an item in your list.
  2. Click on the Public Note field and enter your note. Within the note field you can hyperlink, bold, italicize, or underline the text:
  3. The note automatically saves, so you can click out of the item when you finish.
  4. Items with public notes show the note symbol:
  5. In the student view, public notes are visible in full without opening the item:


  1. Click on the Add button and select New note:
  2. Enter a title and description for the note. Choose a section for the note to appear in:
  3. Click the Add button and close the window.
  4. You can drag the note to the top of the section if needed:
  1. Click on the section menu (the three dots) and select Edit section:
  2. Enter your text into the description field and click the Save button to close the window:
  3. The section description has now been added: